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Hookup culture has helped millions of people get the sexual fulfilment they need without any of the drama that comes with casual dating sites. Finding your next potential sex partner through an online dating site is often more of a chore than it is a joy, which is why so many have turned to other dating apps - a different style of online dating apps.

Hookup apps, sex sites, fuck sites, call them what you like. These platforms are less of an online dating service and more of an immediate sex service. In 2022, more people are using paid hookup sites than ever before, and if you want to get in on the fun, all you need to do is read on because we've got the number one completely free hookup app right here!

Hookup Is The Number One Casual Sex Service Today

This local hookup app is for people who want all of the fun without the stress. Hookup isn't a dating app by any means - it's an online hookup platform that guarantees casual sex with REAL women on a regular basis. Not only do we offer free direct messaging, but Hookup has forums, chat rooms and personal ads to help meet new people online.

To say Hookup is the perfect dating site is putting it mildly. There's a reason why a new member joins us every 10 seconds, and it's the same reason why this hookup site will get you instant results no matter who you are, where you're from or what you look like. We give everyone the ultimate chance to get laid, so come in and find out just how easy it is!

Hear From Real Hookup Users

Want to hear it right from the horse's mouth? Here's what some of our members have to say about our fantastic hookup site.
I went through a messy divorce about a year ago. I wanted to get back in the game, but I found that most online daters just want serious relationships. No thanks. I wanted casual hookups and nothing more. I tried every dating app out there and none really delivered, but then I found Hookup and it blew me away. Finding hookups was easier than I ever imagined it could be, and I've been having new casual flings on a weekly basis ever since!

Luke Greensboro | Hollywood, CA

My love life was stuck in a rut for years because I'd basically given up on finding anyone. It wasn't until a friend recommended Hookup App that my sex life suddenly did a 180 turn. I only had to put myself out there a little and I found so many eager ladies willing to give me a chance. I've since found a long term relationship through Hookup (amazingly) but I had a lot of fun finding that right person!

Greg Blanchard | Bangor, ME

Not Just Another Online Dating Site

Hookup does everything it can to stand out from the crowd. We know that the last thing you want is another boring online dating app that makes big promises and doesn't deliver. We know that in the modern age, dating is more of a chore than it is a joy, and Hookup is here to put some of the fun back in those casual encounters.

It's no surprise that Hookup is voted one of the best hookup sites year on year, because our goal is to get our users easy sex without the hassle that comes with regular dating. Everyone knows that places like Tinder, OKCupid and POF are a waste of time in 2022. If you want an easy one night stand or impulsive meetup, Hookup App is the only dating platform you need.

Casual Dating & Chat Rooms To Hookup Tonight

Our site's features are engineered to get you instant sex with someone in your city. Very few hookup sites can offer what we do, so when you join Hookup, here's what you can expect.


No Hassle Registration

Sign up in less than 2 minutes. Simply input your age, location, e-mail address and sexual preferences and fast track your way to endless casual meetups.

Worldwide User Base

Hookup has members from all over the world, from the United States to Canada to Europe. Wherever you're located, you'll find like-minded people in your area.

Free Messaging

It doesn't cost a cent to send and receive messages on our hookup site. You can contact as many members as you like and we won't pester you to upgrade your membership. Everything is free.

Fuck Now Feature

Want to fuck right this second? Our Fuck Now feature is the easiest way to meet other users who are gagging for some adult fun at the drop of a hat.

Perfect Match Feature

Want to find partners you really connect with? Our Perfect Match takes your personal info and matches you with a few choice people you'll connect with on a sexual and emotional level.

Member Content Area

Our members aren't afraid to show themselves off. Our member content area is full of pictures, videos and gifs of our horny users doing what they do best - getting naughty.

Easy Searching

Find potential matches with ease with our efficient search feature. Search results load in seconds and can be carried out by keyword, location, body type and much more.

Premium Membership

Want to stand out from the crowd? With our premium membership, you can enjoy increased benefits, more features and highlighted profiles in search results.

100% Safe

Hookup App ensures that every user on our platform is 100% real. No fake profiles, no scammers. We also keep all of your confidential info safe and secure.

Why Choose Hookup Over Online Dating Apps?

Let's be honest - we're all of sick of dating in 2022. How many times have you met a girl, gone on a few dates and spent a small fortune only to be ghosted within a week? Worst of all, some of the prudish members on these dating sites actually expect you to lavish them with gifts and dinners before they treat you to the good stuff. Put simply, the dating experience is painful.

But finding casual relationships doesn't need to be an agonizing process. It doesn't have to involve endless texting, candlelit dinners and grandiose displays of affection. It can be as simple as logging on, sending one message and getting down and dirty that very night. Hookup makes finding no strings attached sex easier than you could possibly imagine.

Fuck Buddies, FWBs, Casual Flings & More

Hookup is as versatile as any hookup app on the market. While we specialize in facilitating casual sex with real life people, you'll also have a ton of opportunities to find your perfect relationship type on here. Whether you want someone for the night, the week, the month or the year, here's what you can expect to find amongst our vast user base.

One Night Stands

Probably the most common type of meetup you'll find on our hookup app, a vast majority of the sultry beauties on here just want a one night stand with someone they'll never speak to or hear from again. This is the most commonly desired relationship for the young people on our dating platform, so if you're looking for some youthful fun, you'll love everything we have to offer.

Fuck Buddies

But if you're looking for something with a little more backbone, a lot of the horny folks on Hookup want someone to fuck on a regular basis. Quite often, one night stands can sometimes progress to a fuck buddy relationship, so be sure to keep an open mind when searching for users on our hookup app. Remember: open mind, open legs.

Friends With Benefits

Much like a fuck buddy relationship, friends with benefits offer everything a fuck buddy does with a little more on the side. Friends with benefits often do other things and share interests outside of sex, like hang out, watch TV and sometimes hit the restaurants together. But most of all, a friends with benefits relationship is based around regular casual sex.

Couples Fun

Want to be the third party in someone else's sex games? Or maybe you and your partner are looking for someone else to join you for some multi-person fun? On Hookup, you'll be able to search for potential partners seeking an additional bedroom guest. There are thousands of couples who are not only into the swinging scene, but also crave regular three or foursomes.

Are There Any Hookup Sites Like Hookup?

In the interest of fairness, we're happy to say there are a few other hookup websites that can also get you laid. Sure, they might not as effective and streamlined as our hookup app, but they're still worth checking out if you're looking to maximize your potential hookups. Here are some other hookup sites (along with short reviews) to download today.

  • Pure - Simplistic dating site
  • Match.com - Highly reputable dating site
  • HER - Free dating site for bi women
  • Reveal - Best free dating site for guys
  • Adult Friend Finder - Immerse adult community
  • Tinder - Best mainstream dating site
  • Bumble - Free hookup app for women
  • Tastebuds - Unique gimmick dating site
  • Thursday - Free dating app for busy people
  • Alt.com - Free social media site for fetish seekers


Pure is as simple as any online dating service you'll find anywhere. It's a mainstay of hookup culture and has been helping people online find easy sex for many years now. Pure doesn't bog you down with unnecessary features or mini-games, which is why it's rapidly becoming one of the most popular free hookup websites around.

Pure's average review rating is 4/5, so you know you're in for a treat (Hookup boasts 4.8/5, but we don't want to nitpick. It's got millions of users from all over the world and simple grid-style feature to help you find men and women with ease. We can't guarantee that you'll find your perfect partner on Pure, but you'll have a lot of fun trying.


Match.com used to be a place to find long term relationships and honestly, it still kinda is. However, that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun during the journey. For this reason, Match.com is very much a hub of hookup culture despite what a lot of people claim. Sure, you might have to weed through a few users before finding a hookup, but you'll get there eventually.

Best of all, Match.com has a free version that will help you meet like-minded people without having to pay a cent. There's a paid plan for those who want to stand out from the crowd, but Match's free version is enough to find a hookup online with minimal effort. This dating site hasn't changed the dating industry by any means, but you'll still get success on here.


Gay, bi, and queer women take note, because HER is the number one hookup app to help meet other ladies in your city. Not only is it a growing hookup app that will fast track your lesbian love life to new heights, but it's also completely free to use. There's a paid version available if you want added benefits, but you can still find casual hookups with just the free version.

There aren't many hookup platforms that cater solely to queer women, which is why HER is fast becoming one of the most active and best hookup sites for anyone looking for woman-on-woman fun. It's entirely based around casual sex too, so you don't have to worry about accidentally bumping into someone on the hunt for something serious.


A dating platform with a difference, Reveal puts the power in the woman's hands. If you're a guy who's sick of swiping and matching, Reveal might be exactly what you need. Simply sign up, fill out your profile and wait for the replies to roll in, because on Reveal, only the ladies can initiate conversation with other users.

Reveal lets women window shop for potential hookups, so it's ideal for guys who want to get laid with minimal effort. You don't have to match with someone before they message you either, so there's a huge pool of hookup partners available. Reveal might be a little different to your standard hookup sites, but it definitely gets results. It's totally free, too.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder has been at the forefront of hookup culture for decades now. It's one of the most famous dating sites of all, and offers men and women from all over the world an immersive adult community to get lost in. Even in 2022, Adult Friend Finder is still a fantastic free platform to find your fair share of one night meetups and casual flings.

What makes this dating platform a little different is that there are numerous ways to connect with other members. AFF has chatrooms, forums, blogs, personals ads and several more features to help you interact with new potential fuck buddies. It's a nice change from the usual private messaging approach, and definitely adds a little more to the hookup experience.


Anyone who's been paying attention to the hookup app scene will have heard of Tinder. It's one of the most famous hookup sites of all time and remains so to this day. It's a mainstay in hookup culture and offers simplistic features to help meet real life people for short-term fun. While Tinder isn't the powerhouse it once was, it's still a good place to find no strings attached fun.

Is Tinder free? Not quite. While it used to be the most popular free hookup site around, it now costs a little something for access to Tinder Gold. Tinder Gold offers unlimited swipes, while the free version only allows 12 per day. Modern day Tinder also has a lot of fakes and bots on the platform, but it's expected with such a vast user base.


Another dating site that focusses on female convenience, Bumble works a little like Tinder but once you match, it's up to the woman to make first contact. If you're a guy, all you have to do is swipe and match. After that, everything else is in the hands of your next potential fuck partner. It's great if you hate being the one to initiate conversation, and comes with other advantages too.

The main benefit is that any woman who messages you will definitely be DTF. You know she isn't just gonna be messaging you out of sympathy or pity. Another reason to check out Bumble is that it's completely free to use. Unlimited swipes, unlimited matches. There's a premium version available for those who want a little more, but the free version is enough to get results.


Not all hookup sites are based around physical attraction. Sure, it helps, but some people want to connect with their fuck partners on different levels. If that sounds like you, then Tastebuds might offer the kind of dating experience you're looking for. This dating app connects people based on their music preferences.

Of course, this is just a fancy little gimmick that helps break the ice. Once you've connected with a fellow, rock, metal, soul or rap lover, you're then free to take things further providing the animal attraction is present. It's a neat little way to connect people based on something other than the straightforward swiping and matching systems of most dating sites.


Thursday is one of the most unique dating sites on the scene. Put simply, you'll only be able to make matches with people on a Thursday. Sounds like it's a little counter-intuitive to whole point of hookup culture, but it's actually quite a smart idea when you look into it. Basically, if people know they can only hook up on Thursdays, they'll be more willing to do so.

One of the major issues with most hookup sites is unlimited choice. There is such a thing as too much chioce, so Thursday addresses this issue in a creative and efficient manner. If you want to hookup with people in real life, Thursday gives you a set day to make it happen. It's not totally free to use, but the free version offers enough free matches for good results.


Alt.com is one of the new hookup sites on the scene that caters to the alternative crowd. It's not a dating site as such, more of a social media network that provides a one-stop hub for those into the kinkier lifestyle. Alt.com features chatrooms, blogs, personals ads, forums, and plenty of well-filled out profiles of other members to help you find the Anastasia to your Christian.

With a rating visit score of 4.5/5, Alt.com is the premier place for fetish dating, whether you're into sadism, bondage, leather play, body worship, swinging, pet play or any kind of filthy adult niche. It's all on offer here for your perverted enjoyment. It's not entirely free to use in full, but a paid membership is very cheap in comparison to some of the other hookup sites on the scene.

Your Ultimate Hookup Handbook

So, now you know where to find sex, the big question is - how do you use them to get laid? Well, the good news is that with hookup sites like ours and the ones listed above, most users already know exactly what they're in for when they sign up. That means you don't have to beat around the bush when it comes to making your intentions clear.

But even so, it's still best to learn a few tricks to maximize your available hookups. It's not super difficult stuff either, all it takes is a few small changes and you'll find your inbox overflowing with messages from potential new fuck partners. That's why we've put together this useful handbook to help get laid tonight.

Maximizing Your Matches

Be sure to follow all of these tips to ensure your success, no matter which dating app you choose.

Rule #1 Fill Out Your Profile

The first step to getting laid is always the most important. Do this part right and you'll set the tone for things to come. And the first step in the hookup process is to ensure that your dating profile is as complete as it can be. That means all your basic information, a few revealing lines about yourself and something that shows you have a personality.

Sure, some women don't care who they hook up with as long as they have a working cock. However, some ladies like to know the guy on the other side of the screen has a brain in their skulls. Plus, smart is the new sexy for a lot of women, so you can easily increase your chances of getting matches by showing off a little about yourself in your bio.

Rule #2: Upload Your Best Pictures

No, you don't have to be a shredded sex god to look good in your pictures. It doesn't matter who you are or what you look like, you can still get just as much success as anyone else providing you're smart about your photo choice. Even if you're old, fat and bald, it doesn't matter providing your pictures hint at a personality beneath the surface.

Most importantly is to select photos that show what you really look like. There's no point hiding behind fancy angles or Photoshopped edits because she'll just run a mile when she sees the real you. Instead, choose pics that show you A) doing things and B) dressed well. These two little elements will combine to make you a very appealing package.

Rule #3: Swipe Right... A Lot

Hooking up is a numbers game. If you hold out for one girl in particular, chances are you're not gonna get much sex. But if you continually say yes to the opportunities coming your way, you'll be amazed at what might happen. So in order to create these opportunities, you need to keep on swiping right, even on women who aren't perfect tens.

It doesn't mean you're lowering your standards, it just means you're taking what's on offer. There might not be flawless stunners available every night of the week, so sometimes it's alright to scale things back a little. Unless of course you're very choosy about who you nail, in which case you might have to hold out a week or so until you find someone suitable.

Rule #4: Keep An Open Mind

How do you know you don't like something if you've never tried it? This statement extends to everything in life, from food to physical pursuits to sexual adventures. It also goes hand in hand with the point above. The more of an open mind you have when using Hookup or any similar dating platform, the more fulfilling sexual experiences will come your way.

Maybe you've never even considered a threesome before. Maybe the idea of swinging makes you gag. Maybe you've only ever screwed young chicks, and the thought of sleeping with an older woman is alien to you. But really, hookup apps like ours make new sexual adventures not only possible, but easy to find, and there's nothing better than pushing your own sexual boundaries.

Meeting Up In Person

Now that you've matched with someone and arranged a date, keep these tips in mind before you meet up.

Rule #1: Look Your Best

This one should go without saying. When you’ve arranged to meet up with your possible new fuck partner, you need to make a little effort to look your best. After all, it’s not a sure thing until you’re balls deep, so take every step to make sure you don’t fall down at the last hurdle. If you do, you’ll be kicking yourself.

So, be sure to put your best clothes on. Groom your hair, trim your beard. Hell, even trim down below if it’s looking a bit bushy. The more effort you put into your appearance, the more likely she’ll actually sleep with you. You don’t have to wear Armani suits or thousand-dollar Rolexes to impress her, just show that you’ve made a little effort for your meet up.

Rule #2: Personal Hygeine Is Important

This goes for all aspects of life, but it’s equally important when it comes to fucking someone new. Before you meet up, ensure that you’ve scrubbed yourself clean as a whistle. It’s very easier for sweat to build up in the pits and crotch areas within a few hours, so shower right before you leave the house. Without sounding too gross, remember to clean under your foreskin too.

Next up is deodorant and cologne. Before you leave the house, put deodorant under your pits and across your chest. Then apply a tiny bit of cologne to your neck. Don’t over do it, because too much cologne is a very real (and sometimes off-putting thing). Lastly, brush your teeth (and your tongue, because scents can linger on the tongue).

Rule #3: Pack Your Bags

We don’t mean overnight bags, we mean take the kind of belongings you’ll need for an impulsive hookup. Believe it or not, it contains more than just your genitals. Before you leave the house, pick up a few choice things, and if you don’t have them, stop by the store on the way to your fuck friend’s house. We don’t need to tell you the kind of things that could help you.

Condoms (safe sex is a must), lubricant, gum, and maybe a hair tie (there’s never one around when she’s about to go down on you). Oh, and don’t rely on that old condom in your wallet. If it’s been in there a while, chances are it will have gone out of date, not to mention the heat from being constricted will have decreased its strength. Throw it out and get a new pack.

Rule #4: Don't Be Pushy

When you meet up, you might be tempted to get right down to business. Of course, plenty of women will want to do exactly that, and if they initiate it, then go for broke. However, don’t just jump right on her because she might be the kind of person who likes to ease things in first. Plus, consent is a grey area these days, so make sure you’ve got the all clear.

Ideally, let her be the one to initiate the sex. If you want to take things slowly, have a few drinks first. Maybe have some light conversation beforehand. It’s important to both be comfortable in each other’s presences before jumping in to bed. If you’re comfortable around each other, then the sex will be even better.  

Hooking Up

Now it's finally time to hook up! Here are some tips for the best experience possible.

Rule #1: Don't Get Drunk

Liquid courage is sometimes a necessary evil. However, too much alcohol, especially in the throes of impulsive sex with someone new, can do more harm than good. First of all, getting hammered before laying will lead to a much worse performance. You might think it improves your confidence, but no one ever remembers the downsides of drunk sex.

Secondly, getting pissed can cause consent issues, especially in today’s world. You should both be as sober as possible in order to make rational, informed decisions regarding consent. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink or two, just don’t overdo it. Where possible, keep it to two drinks maximum.  

Rule #2: Ask Her What Feels Good

The most important element of sex is communication. If you both know what the person likes and dislikes, then you’ve basically got the cheat code to their absolute pleasure. And the easiest way to uncover what she likes? Just ask her while you’re in the throes of passion. Sure, you can gauge her satisfaction via body language, but open communication is equally as sexy.

If she’s arching her back or moaning loudly, chances are you’re already hitting the spot. If she’s jerking away or clenching her teeth, you’re probably doing something wrong. Either way, just ask her what feels good and she’ll most likely tell you. If you don’t ask, you won’t know. Likewise, be sure to tell her if she’s pushing your buttons correctly too.  

Rule #3: Don't Be (Too) Rough

Yeah, some women like rough sex, but that doesn’t mean you should jump right in like you see in stepmom pornos. This is another grey area that you need to tread carefully around, because some women might construe your overtly rough sex as sexual assault. Therefore, you need to test the waters VERY lightly before going full fifty shades.

Pull her hair just a little. Lightly dig your nails into her skin. Just do it very briefly, and if she likes it, she’ll be sure to tell you (either verbally or through moans of pleasure). If she gives you the all clear, then feel free to go for it. But again, if this is the first time you’re hooking up, it’s best to keep things on the lighter side until you’re fully comfortable with each other.

Rule #4: Don't Try Any Crazy Positions

Sure, it can be tempting to go full Karma Sutra. You might have wanted to try out a few crazy sex positions for a while but been hindered by the single life. However, if you start bending and twisting like a contortionist during your first few hook ups, then chances are you’ve gone wrong somewhere. During your first few sex sessions, keep things simple (think missionary, doggy, cowgirl).

The reason? She might not be as willing to go full acrobat like you are, and thus you’ll risk future hookup opportunities. Once you’ve got a few sessions in the bag, then you can start getting a little freaky in the bedroom. And of course, be sure to ask her if it’s okay first. Don’t just start contorting your bodies together without her knowledge.

No More Dating, Just Hooking Up

If you’re ready to say goodbye to boring conversations, expensive dates and wasted money, Hookup is your passport to a world of new sexual adventures. Our site is totally free to use and features users of all shapes, sizes and ages to ensure you’ve got ample choice to find your ideal fuck partner. We go the extra mile to ensure hooking up is enjoyable, not a chore.

And even if our free app doesn’t do it for you, we have plenty of alternatives available on this page too. All of them come with their own pros and cons, but we guarantee there’s a platform on this list that can help explode your sex life into the stratosphere. Is it time to make a change? Want to stop watching porn and start living? Then everything you need to know is right above!

Hookup is the easiest and fastest way to hookup with hot singles in your area. If you’re looking for your next hookup partner, they could be just a few taps away. What are you waiting for, join free and hookup tonight.
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